Knockout Master

Knockout Master

Knockout Master is a 13 week program focused on the development of the qualities related to your neuromuscular system. But what does this mean? Simply, it means that by following this schedule, you will become stronger than you’ve ever been before.

We will begin your program with GPP (General Physical Preparation)  And then progress on to a SPP (Specific Physical Preparation) routine throughout your fight camp until fight day.

By following this program you will:

  • Improve your posture, stability, and mobility
  • Become stronger with use of max effort and dynamic effort lifts
  • Become bigger and leaner via myofibrillar hypertrophy
  • Become even more powerful to score knockout after knockout.

Suitable for intermediate and experienced athletes.

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Things To Bring

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Water Bottle

Sports Shoes

Sweat Towel

Extra Clothes

Course Info

  • Course Price: $100 /month

  • Course Duration:60mins

  • Class Intensity:Hard

  • Class Name:Knockout Master